"Although there are many real life scenarios playing out, Journey Home gives a unique story board from which many may relate to from outside the real life situations in jail cells, the front lines, and the rallies against the corporate bullies. We are in a battle for the protection for Mother Earth, the four-leggeds those who swim, fly and those who walk on two legs—who have brought this destruction on themselves. I support Journey Home because it gives conversation piece to what is occurring, and it is a life and death struggle make no mistake about that. Stories have always been a part of our lives in our camps. I am honored to support it in any way possible. I offer support from the heart, from the front lines of the battle to protect Mother Earth and I am hoping you find it in your heart to support Journey Home." Gary Dorr, Nez Perce
"We are at a time where Indigenous people the world over are waking up to the realization that we are destroying ourselves by not revisiting our history of who we really are. I believe that "Journey Home" can contribute towards the peace that reconciliation can bring. "Journey Home" falls exactly where it needs to be brought forth in this day and age. It deserves to be funded and presented to the public as part of the awakening of the sleeping giant. There is no greater time than now." Colleen Swan, Author/Advocate/Whale Hunter, Kivalina, Alaska