"Journey Home" begins as the story of Imahn’u – a mysterious American Indian who must confront his painful past and make amends for the choices he made that contributed to the environmental degradation of the future. His previous life unfolds in evocative flashbacks. He is haunted by the cries of a child. When he understands the meaning - he will understand his purpose.
In the flash of a crow's wing, Imahn'u appears - he's falsely accused of murder, labeled a terrorist and hunted down by the powerful Oil Company, Zoic + that is waging a war on the land and her people. Imahn'u must find the child - a young girl - and inspire her to carry on the wisdom of elders - that we are all connected. What was Imahn'u's story becomes Maki's story of hope.
The Protagonist - Zoic + is a powerful Oil Company founded by a decorated hero of the American Indian Wars. Headed by the founder's distant Tex Simons, Zoic + is on a mission to seize Indian land for drilling and fracking - at any cost. Imahn'u is seen as a threat to the empire and he must be stopped.